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Served anytime!

Enjoy our decadent desserts any time of the day here at Giardino’s. Cakes, Italian pastries and more to satisfy your sweet tooth!


Sambuca Romana (Black or White) 7.00

Frangelico 8.00

Grand Marnier 10.00

Baileys Irish Cream 8.00

B&B 8.00

Kahlua 7.00

Averna 7.00

Limoncello 7.00

Harveys Bristol Cream 7.00

Grappa 7.00

Specialty Coffee

Cappuccino DI Amore 8.00

Brandy, amaretto topped with whipped cream

Café Italiano 8.00

Regular coffee and Sambuca topped with whipped cream Irish Coffee 7.50

Irish whiskey, whipped cream and crème de menthe

Tia Maria Café 7.50

Tia Maria coffee liqueur and whipped cream


Vanilla or Chocolate $7 Cannoli Sundae $10


Original, Hazelnut or Salted Caramel $8


Vanilla, Chocolate & Pistachio Neapolitan ice cream $7


Vanilla ice cream topped with minced almonds & a cherry $7


Homemade Ricotta Italian Cheesecake $8

Opera Trio $9

Layered vanilla, chocolate and hazelnut mousse
Over devils food sponge & glazed with milk chocolate ganache

Chocolate Lava $9

Warm chocolate sponge filled with caramel topped with whipped cream

Praline Cannoli $9

Two delicately fried praline shells filled with fresh cannoli cream

Flambe Crème Brulee $9

Custard crème covered with caramelized sugar

Tiramisu $8

Lady fingers dipped in espresso covered with mascarpone and chocolate