Michael Competiello

Michael Competiello arrived in America from Italy in 1970 and was welcomed into the original Villa Russo’s on Leffert’s Blvd by Frank Russo Sr., where he worked alongside Joe Russo, who helped create the culinary artist Michael is today. He continued to work for 13 years at Villa Russo’s until he went and opened his own restaurant in Forest Hills in 1983. That restaurant closed its doors 30 years later wherein Michael retired. He quickly came out of retirement in 2014 to join Frank Russo Jr. here at Giardino’s. Michael provides his culinary skill of preparing our innovative recipes that are sure to entice taste buds, offering hearty portions just like home. You can feel confident our recipes are prepared using only the finest quality of ingredients!


Joe Competiello

Joe Competiello has been working with the Russo Family and his father since he was a small child. At age 7 he worked alongside Frank Russo Jr. in the kitchen of Villa Russo under his father’s supervision. At age 10, Frank Russo Sr. knew he was ready for the floor and there Joe became a busboy. When his father bought the restaurant in Forest Hills, he left and worked alongside his father for 30 years, learning every in and out of the restaurant industry firsthand. After his father retired and sold the restaurant, he joined him at Giardino’s in 2014 as their Restaurant Manager helping to keep the Russo’s legacy alive as Frank Russo Sr. intended it to be.